*Rental Fees

The rental fee varies on the number of guests you have and what day of the week you hold your event. If for any reason you expect more guests than stated within the contract, 377 BLVD will adjust your contract accordingly and bill you for additional guests. It includes the private use of the entire facility for the duration of your agreed time. It includes setup and teardown of all tables and chairs done by 377 BLVD Staff. Tear down must be completed within ONE HOUR  of event's completion. 

*Party Hours

All hours must be consecutive. The reception hall rental is for 10 hours. You may use your hours however you like. When you or your vendors arrive your rental hours begin, if you feel you need more time, additional hours may be purchased at $300.00 per hour. Plus labor , ( bartender / server ) and security costs. All events are to end at 12:00 AM (midnight).  

*How many of our clients budget their time

2 hours of set up for vendor deliveries, decorating & rehearsing
5 hours of reception for the actual party
1 hour of clean up

 *Additional Time

Add 1 extra hour of party time to your event for $300.00.
Add 3 hours of time for an additional $600.00.

*Guest Count

Your event will be set up accordingly to your guest count. If for any reason you feel that you may have more than your agreed # of guests attending your event. 377 BLVD must be notified 2 WEEKS  prior to your event to make sure that we have enough tables, chairs and linens available. 377 BLVD WILL NOT HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL ON SITE.  Additional guests will be billed and added to your contract. 

**Parties must end by 12:00 AM and everyone must be out of the building by 1:00 AM**

*Booking Information

A $600 deposit goes toward your total party price and holds your date.
The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date.
Your deposit is a part of the total cost and 100% of the booking deposit goes toward your balance.
Get a signed contract. A contract benefits everyone because it's written confirmation that an agreement has been reached and the contract spells out the details.

*Payment Schedule

First payment - $600 deposit with signed contract
Second payment - 50% of the remaining balance is due 60 days ( 2 months ) prior to your event date.
Final payment - The remaining balance is due 30 days ( 1 month ) prior to your event date , along with your final guest count.
NOTE: A separate $300.00 security deposit must accompany the final payment.
Once your event has concluded and there are no damages found in the venue, you will receive your security deposit back minus the $150 cleaning fee.

377 BLVD accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards. There is a 5% processing fee on all credit cards.


In the event of cancellation regardless of the reason, all deposits and pre-payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. 


*Do I need an appointment to come look at 377 BLVD?

We certainly prefer an appointment our staff is not always available to show you around on a consistent basis and we would like to get all of your questions answered.

Please call Jennifer at 682-936-9713 or email her at 377blvd.eventvenue@gmail.com and she will set something up.

*How many people can your venue accommodate for a reception?

Up to 400 seated.  

*What is required to hold a date?

To reserve a date at 377 BLVD we require a $600 deposit and signed contract. That's it!


 Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Yes, you are free to bring in your own alcohol as long as you are having a hosted bar and are not selling alcohol. You may have kegs, margarita machines, canned beer and wine. NO GLASS BOTTLES. Ice, cups, beverage napkins and cokes, ect are the responsibility of the client or can be purchased through 377 BLVD at an additional cost.  We do require that you use our TABC Bartenders to serve any HARD alcohol that is present at your event.

*Can I bring in my own vendors and catering?

Yes. We have an open vendor policy. You may use a caterer, restaurant or family chef to bring in food. Our kitchenette includes a sink, refrigerator and household stove. We do not have cooking equipment.  All food must be cooked and ready to serve. You must provide your own ice and ice chests. 377 BLVD does not have an ice machine. 



Any signs, symbols, or other objects displayed on the premises must be approved by the Venue Provider, and must be removed immediately following the duration of the reservation.



You may provide all or part of your own rental items for your event. 377 BLVD will / may give you an estimated cost / list of rentals for your event. You may change / cancel those items at any time, If 377 BLVD is coordinating rentals, on your behalf, through a rental company, you may be required to pay the rental company directly. Certain rentals may be provided by 377 BLVD as listed in your contract. Any loss or damage to ANY rentals will be billed to you after your event.    

*What about guest parking?

We have plenty parking spaces on a striped, asphalt parking lot. Our parking lot is well lit and there is no need for valet parking.

*How about restrooms? Are long rest room lines a problem?

The ladies room has 6 stalls, 2 hand sinks and a huge mirror. The men's room has 3 stalls and 3 urinals, two hand sinks and a large mirror.


*Do you require security at events?

Yes! One uniformed security officer is required for all events serving alcohol.  4 hour minimum. The officer stays until everyone has left the building. 377 BLVD assumes no liability for damaged, lost or stolen articles.

*Am I responsible for cleaning the venue after my event is over?

You are responsible for removing all items brought in by you, your vendors, or your guests by the end of your rental period. You (or most likely, your caterer) are also responsible for removing all trash from the tables and must be completely cleared, with only the linens remaining.  If they are being provided by 377 BLVD. Kitchen and bar should be free of food and beverages and wiped down. 377 BLVD will have trash cans available throughout the facility for guests.  All bulk trash must be placed in the provided trash cans. Once the event is over the client and or caterer is responsible for cleaning and clearing all trash from tables. Once everything is cleared 377 BLVD STAFF will dispose of all trash bags and place it in the on-site dumpster. Your $150 cleaning fee will cover the tear down of the tables, chairs, etc. and a deep cleaning of the venue.

*Is smoking allowed?

NO SMOKING is allowed in any part of the building of 377 BLVD Event Venue.